Bahrain is coming up, and it’s time or you to get on board.

This Middle Eastern island offers the best of all worlds for tourists and travelers looking for a more exotic destination.

What’s so special about it? Where is Bahrain, and why should you travel there?

Bahrain is a small and homey island nestled in the Persian Sea off the coast of Saudi Arabia. The weather in Bahrain is typically balmy and warm, with temperatures rarely falling below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This special gem is a destination for people of all walks of life. Expats come and live here to bask in the sun, tourists flock for the culture and history. Residents from surrounding areas like Saudi Arabia and Iran travel here to experience the relaxed vibe and playfulness of the country.

Bahrain offers up something for everyone, on a silver platter of traditional Arabic hospitality.

Bahrain Destinations and Activities You Can’t Miss

The Bahrain map is as varied as the people that call it home (or home away from home). The topography includes gentle and lush farmlands, white sand beaches and steep seaside cliffs.

Whether you’re a history buff, and art critic or an adventure enthusiast, there’s something in this colorful country for you.

Calling All Bahrain History Heroes

Dilmun Civilization

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The country of Bahrain is the homeland of the Dilmun Civilization, an ancient people dating as far back as the third Millennium, B.C.

The ancient civilizations of Bahrain have let a lot behind or us to wonder at. You can take an archeological tour of the countryside to discover the rich history this country has to offer.

You’ll be able to learn about the ancient people as you visit different sites around the island, including the Saar Burial Grounds, the Barbar Temple, and the Bahrain Fort.

Manama: A City for Old-World Sightseeing

Manama is the capital of Bahrain, and as such is a cultural hub of activity. Here you can visit the Manama Souq. This large open market provides everything you might need and a shock to your system.

Buy gold, electronics, spices and clothes as you meander through the maze of stalls, listening to the friendly shouts from shopkeepers. Remember, everything is subject to negotiation. Don’t be afraid to haggle!

Adliya is the Place for Modern Culture and Art

Head to up and coming district Adliya for a more contemporary experience. Here you’ll find classic and contemporary art galleries galore, including the highly esteemed Ella and Albareh galleries. Stay for the wicked nightlife, clubs and eateries.

Bahrain Eats and Treats for the Hungry Traveler

Chances are you’ll get hungry at least a few times while in Bahrain.

Make sure to try the vibrant and highly varied cuisine of this special island. Bahraini food is laden with delicious spices. Fish is caught fresh every day off the coast and carted to restaurants around the cities.

Manama especially is home to a vibrant food scene. Try the traditional Machboos, a dish of spiced meat and rice. Top it off with Muhammer, a rice cooked with dates.

The scent of quoozi and khubs may fill the evening air. You’ll be compelled to try this delicious lamb stuffed with eggs and spices, mopping it up with a bit of freshly-baked Bahraini flatbread.

When in Bahrain, take time to explore the city streets. Savor every scent, and relish every bite. The street food here can transport you from the noisy crowd to a paradisiacal oasis in the sand, so be sure to try a lot of it.

General Tips or Having the Time of Your Life in Bahrain

Before you go to Bahrain, brush up on your Bahraini history. The people there are generally friendly, reacting well to curious tourists and questions. However, knowing the history will put you in the advantageous spot of knowing exactly where you want to go and what you want to do.

having the time of your life in Bahrain

Image via Irish Times

Did you know that Bahrain is reported to be the site of the legendary Garden of Eden from biblical times? You can decide for yourself, but it may help you to visit some striking desert oases filled with lush date palms.

Learn a bit about Bahraini culture before you go. The main language is Arabic, so consider learning a few phrases to get yourself started out. English is the second language of the country and is widely spoken, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting around.

However, it never hurts to try and speak the local language! It could help you out with getting good deals around the country.

Keep in mind that the state religion of Bahrain is Islam. Always make sure you conduct yourself as respectfully as possible, especially if visiting mosques or religious sites.

Bahrain is a gorgeous island waiting for you to come and visit. You’ll be more than welcome here, and the sand and sun may just make you want to stay forever!

Feature image via Gulf Insider

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