Are you sick of navigating the American job scene? Maybe it’s time to try something different, like moving to a new country. There are plenty of jobs for Americans in Sweden, meaning that moving to Europe might just be the right move for your career.

If you’ve ever considered looking for relocation jobs but don’t have a clue how to start finding and applying for Swedish employment, this article is for you. Here, we will go through the basic process of seeking out jobs in Sweden, applying for them, and ensuring you have exactly what you need to make a move.


Why Americans Should Apply for Jobs in Sweden

There are plenty of reasons why Americans should apply for jobs in Sweden. Whether you are ready for a change or find the benefits of working in Europe are better than your current position, there are plenty of reasons to consider a move. Below are some of the top reasons to consider applying for Swedish jobs today.


Equality is Valued

While much of the modern world is struggling with social issues, Sweden has strong anti-discrimination legislation that ensures everyone is treated equally, no matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation they are. This makes it easy for everyone to feel valued and appreciated within its borders.


Lots of Innovation

For such a small country, Sweden values innovation and is a global player in the world of sustainable development and business progress. This means having a Swedish job might put you front and center for business innovation.


Strong Worker Rights

Your work efforts are valued in Swedish culture, and the country has impressive Labor Unions to advocate for your workplace safety and satisfaction. It’s hard to find this kind of employee care stateside!


Easy for Families to Move

Swedish culture puts family life first, and family-focused policies make migration easy for expats. You can apply for residence permits for your spouse and any unmarried children under 21, making it easy for the rest of your family to work and study right in the country.


Great Social Benefits

Besides enjoying a fulfilling career, jobs in Sweden come with impressive social benefits. Once you get a relocation job, you won’t need to worry about the cost of healthcare, childcare, or even education costs. Best of all, all parents are offered eighteen months of paid paternity leave for each new child.


Process for Getting Jobs in Sweden for Americans

It’s not as difficult to get a Swedish job as you might think. According to current legislation, non-EU citizens can apply to stay in Sweden for up to six months to look for a job. Once you secure one, you can apply for a work permit to remain in the country permanently.

If you are a college student, you have some unique resources to help you find your ideal Swedish job. Make sure to register at your university’s career center so that you can take advantage of their services to find job listings that fit your career plan. You can also schedule visits to employment fairs to browse different job listings and meet directly with potential employers. When visiting a job fair in Sweden, make sure you bring your resume, cover letter, and copies of your CV so that you can wow the recruiters you talk to.

No matter how old you are, there are some essential skills and tools you need to master before earning your own Swedish job.

  • Learn Swedish: While almost everyone in Sweden speaks English, most companies still conduct their business in Swedish, meaning that knowing the local language will open up career doors for you that would otherwise stay shut.
  • Seek out Internships: If you’re struggling to get your foot in the door, consider taking on an internship to hone your skills and learn more about working in Swedish culture.
  • Join a Union: Unions are powerful in Sweden, and joining one (even before you have a job) is a great way to become a presence in the field. There are three main trade union confederations in Sweden (SACOTCO and LO) so research them all to learn what makes the most sense for you.
  • Apply for a Visa: If you aren’t from an EU country, you’ll need a work visa to get a Swedish job. The best way to begin is by contacting your closest Swedish embassy to start the application process.


Benefits of Relocation Jobs in Sweden

Working internationally is full of benefits, and you’re unlikely to regret accepting a job in Sweden. Whether you want a long-term career change or are simply looking for something different for a few years, finding jobs for Americans in Sweden is easier than you think. So start looking today! Your new job awaits.

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