Are you an expat searching for a computer animation course?

Expats may also have to further their educations to stay current. One of the hottest fields right now is computer animation. As the market grows, courses in this field are becoming more popular and necessary. A computer animation course can help keep you up-to-date in an ever-evolving field, helping to open new doors. Either way, knowing which schools are right for you is essential.

We have done our homework and found the best options for taking a computer animation course abroad. Some universities and colleges in America offer online courses. Others are located overseas where you can immerse yourself in the culture. Either way, these are all excellent programs and will put you on the right track to further your education in computer animation. Continuing education does not have to be difficult as an expat.

Understanding your skills, talents, and interests is vital. Before taking any course, you should know what will suit you. Computer animation covers a wide range of different fields and abilities. Some of these areas include animation for games on personal computers and tablets, effects for movies and television, and animated learning content. Architects and designers use computer animation for walk-throughs and visualizations. Additionally, medical professionals use interactive programs as learning aids. Knowing all this, it's easy to see how one computer animation course can open up a whole new world to explore and conquer.

Expats Searching for an Online Computer Animation Course

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Perhaps you are an expat who still wants an American education. It might not be so simple just to pack up and go back to America for a single course.

On the positive side, these days many options are available to expats. Numerous colleges and universities now offer fully online degrees in computer animation. Expats have more choices than ever before. Below are a couple of options for taking an American computer animation course and staying abroad.

Full Sail University — Florida, United States

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Full Sail University, located in Florida, has great online programs for computer animation. Since 1979, Full Sail has been a university centered around the music industry. Initially, it offered degrees for the recording arts and audio engineering. Over the years it has evolved. Its focus is still on music arts but has expanded, now including areas like computer animation, media arts, and films. It's the one-stop university for everything media-related. It offers on-campus and online Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Every student receives a MacBook Pro along with professional software to keep students on an equal playing field. These tools allow the classroom to follow you.

Full Sail offers four art and design degrees. However, the Bachelor's in Computer Animation is of most interest. Some of the courses focus on 3D Animation and Character Design. In Character Design, students create organic 3-D models to teach about movement. They will study and practice techniques currently used by pros in the field. The Character Rigging course introduces students to a technique called rigging, which involves adding joints to characters. Joints allow animators to make their characters move as realistically as possible. As such, it is certainly one of the most crucial steps in computer animation.

Berkeley College — New York, United States

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Berkeley College began in 1931 in New York. Today, it has seven campuses located in New York and New Jersey. It started with a class of 50 interested in business education. However, like any successful institution, has evolved over the years. It now offers Berkeley College Online. The online college is an alternative for those who are unable to attend a traditional college setting. Over 400 international students take its online courses. These students represent 75 different countries. Programs are regularly updated to prepare students for any skills potential employers are seeking.

Berkeley offers a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. One of the courses offered in the program is Animation Foundations. This course explores the foundations of animation including how to make graphics move. It also teaches students about pivots, rotations, and the importance of timing in animation. Above all, timing is everything for believability. Likewise, the Game Design course is an introduction to game creation. Students will focus on arcade and multiplayer online games. For these reasons, these classes create a beneficial foundation for anyone who is new to computer animation.

Expats Searching for a Traditional College Course Abroad

Some expats choose to immerse themselves in the culture. These people prefer to sit among other students in an actual university. They enjoy the benefits of face-to-face learning. Likewise, they want a physically accessible professor and classmates. This setting allows for discussions and tangents that would be more difficult in an online context. Students learn differently. Some students have difficulty learning in isolation. They find it hinders their learning processes. If this describes you, exciting opportunities lie ahead.

The following are universities any expat would want to attend. More importantly, these are highly-recognized institutes. As a result, the mention of these schools attracts potential employers. Some companies look for workers who have taken classes at these schools. If you are already living there, this is a unique opportunity.

Sheridan College -- Ontario, Canada

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Sheridan College has three campuses in Ontario. In 1967, it began as a community college. Now it is one of Ontario's most recognized post-secondary institutions. It currently has nearly 44,000 students and is known for its degrees in technology.

Animation, art, and design are some of the programs that make the college desirable. As a result, it attracts a variety of students. With three different campuses, it is a very diverse college.

The Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design (FAAD) is the largest art school in Canada. Correspondingly, it offers 32 different programs in these fields. Sheridan offers a bachelor's degree and three post-graduate courses in computer animation.

Some of Sheridan's alumni now work for Pixar, Dreamworks, and Disney. It is no small surprise that Sheridan was recently named the top animation school in the world by Animation Career Review. Ultimately, students from Sheridan are in high demand. If this doesn't convince you to give Sheridan a try, nothing will.

Bournemouth University — Fern Barrow, United Kingdom

Bournemouth University has more than 19,000 students, ranking in the top 200 young universities in the world. Established in 1992, Bournemouth is recognized for its programs in the media industries, focusing on creativity. For example, some of its alumni worked on movies like Gravity, which won an Oscar for its visual effects. It offers four different degrees in computer animation alone. These degrees are only a fraction of what is offered in its media categories. With all this in mind, Bournemouth is a great choice.

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Animation Art and Design offers several exciting courses. The Master's in 3D computer animation helps you attain jobs in films, video games, television, architectural visualizations, and interactive media. Also, students have access to their own workstations 24 hours a day so that all students have equal opportunity. Finally, the night owls can work into the wee hours of the morning, with the early birds right behind. In effect, this degree prepares students for working with diverse creative people in the real world.

Digital Hollywood University -- Tokyo, Japan

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Digital Hollywood University (DHU) in Tokyo is the youngest on the list. It was established in 2004. Although it is a young school, it is ranked second among private universities in Japan. Its focus lies strictly on computers, and jobs in that field. DHU offers four-year degrees specializing in eight subject areas. Some of these areas include anime, game programming, film, and graphic design. Furthermore, 35 percent of the school's students are international students, making expats feel right at home.

It is perfectly acceptable if you don't speak Japanese. In fact, the college offers Japanese language courses. These fundamental classes prepare students for the comprehensive course list in each program of study. Computer animation courses also have a corresponding application exercise. In effect, this ensures that students learn in practice as well as theory. Although a young university, notably about 93 percent of graduates find a job right after graduation. This school has their finger on the pulse of the animation world.

As the home of anime, Japan has over 400 anime studios. In other words, the likelihood of finding a job as an animator in Japan is high.

It's Time for a Computer Animation Course

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Taking a computer animation course is just a good idea no matter if you're an expat or still living in the States. In addition to learning new fields, studying abroad gives current animators the opportunity to learn about new and different art styles. Learning outside the US also allows them to collaborate with other talented artists in foreign cultures. For these reasons, they will be more desirable to prospective employers.

Also, expats make great students. They get to learn how the animation industry works in other countries by becoming a part of it, rather than just observing. After becoming part of the industry, students can find themselves working in challenging environments that will push them outside of their artistic comfort zones. As a result, all of this is second nature to the expat who has uprooted home to experience life outside the red, white, and blue bubble.

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