Studying and learning a new language is as exciting as it is challenging. The ability to learn how to speak a new language helps you communicate with others, often on the other side of the world. If you're planning a trip to the Korean peninsula, are signed up to teach English in the country or you simply want to know how to speak the language, there are a few different ways you need to go about how to study Korean. 

By knowing how to study Korean, you'll increase your capability of learning the language. So no matter where you currently live or what your current plants are, there are ways you can educate yourself and study the new language, many of which don't cost much at all for you to take advantage of. 

The Korean Language

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Korean is the national language of South Korea. It is also spoken in North Korea although there are dialect differences between the two. You'll also find some shifts in the language throughout South Korea, although this does not differ from English in the United States. Different regions will speak with varying accidents and use different slangs. However, as long as you know how to speak Korean, you won't have much of an issue communicating with others in these communities.

While predominately spoken in the Korean peninsula, you will find there are other pockets around the world where the language is spoken, including China and Japan.

The history of the Korean language dates back to the 15th century although there are words in the language that dates back to the 10th century. At the time, the language began to evolve and combine a number of other languages, including Japanese, Mongolian, and Turkic. Now, while there are similar crossover words used in all the languages, Korean is its own language and has a different system of writing as well.

How to Study Korean

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There is a number of available methods for studying Korean. The more fully emersed you become into the language, the easier it will become to learn the language. This is because your brain will be forced to adapt to the spoken language around you and not rely on English. Due to this, the very best way to learn, if you're looking for how on how to study Korean, is to live in South Korean.

Here you'll be forced to listen to the words and speak the language back to individuals who ask you questions. This will start with one-word phrases like "hello" or "bye," but over time these one-word phrases will expand to several word phrases, and eventually will grow out and become phrases.

Learning Apps

Naturally, you're not always going to be able to travel to an area of the world where Korean is spoken, when means you'll need to do most of your studying at home. There are a number of educational applications you can use that provide you with study benefits beyond what you'll find in any book or self-taught educational courses. The two best applications for this are Rosetta Stone and Duolingo.

Rosetta Stone has been around for several years now and is the most in-depth educational platform you can use to learn a language. It is a computer program that slowly builds your learning skills of the language. Through the aid of your keyboard and a microphone, you'll know you're saying words correctly as the software can monitor how you say words and point out areas of the word you need to adjust. The course work is provided in sections.

This way, instead of instantly jumping into forming sentences, which is what many learning courses force you to do, you'll work on connected flash cards (such as cards for animals, jobs, and kinds of food). One of the other benefits of Rosetta Stone is there is an online learning community of other people just like you.

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This community is led by teachers of the different languages. This way, even when you are not using the application, you can still log onto the service through an Internet connection and discuss the language with a teacher. There are no other options out there that provide the fully immersive opportunity to learn Korean (beyond living in the country).

Rosetta Stone might be the most in-depth application out there, but it isn't the only option. Duolingo uses a very similar method of teaching you the language while showing you how to study Korean. It uses similar flashcards and learning methods as Rosetta Stone. It isn't as large or as in-depth, but it works directly on your phone so that you can practice Korean anywhere you might be.

Additionally, and probably best of all, the application is free (although you can pay for the application if you want to remove advertisements from the app). The app is fun to use and only takes a few minutes a day to grow your speaking skills. All of this is a viable option for you to consider. If you're just starting off in learning Korean and want to know how to study Korean, these applications are two of the best options out there.

Traditional Text Books

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There are more traditional means of learning a language. It is how you would have learned a language back in high school. If you learn better through text, then this is a great option for you. Not everyone is a text learner and will instead require visuals, in which case the applications are the way to go. 

Even if you are not someone who learns through a textbook, it is beneficial to pick up some Korean books and magazines. You'll pick up a few words from the magazine here and there as you go through the content (especially titles and the text under images). If you can find an English version of the same magazine that will help even further, as you'll be able to look at different words for the same article but in each language.


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Check out as many Korean made movies as you can find. There are some on streaming services like Netflix, but you might find more Korean movies on specific Korean movie applications or by going to your local movie store and picking up Korean movies in the foreign movie section (stores like Barnes and Noble typically have extended foreign sections).

Make sure the language is not dubbed over. You want it to be in Korean but with English subtitles. As the movie goes, you'll begin to pick up words, especially when the characters say one or two-word lines. As you watch, you'll remember some of these words. The more you watch of these movies, the better off you're going to be, which is why the movies provide you with such a great opportunity.

Beyond learning how to study Korean, having a background in the movies will give you something extra to talk about should you visit South Korean. By being able to talk with them about movies you will have an instant connection and bond.

College Course

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If you're interested in a professional helping you with learning the language, your best option might to be to check out what the local college or university offers. While you might not want to sign up and enroll in a four-year college to learn a language or to take a language course, your local community college may offer Korean educational courses for far less. These are great ways to learn, and it forces you to stay up on top of your education in order to get the kind of grade you're looking for and pass the class.

Depending on where you live you might be able to sign up for a Korean speaking class at the local community center although Korean may not be offered. This depends on where you live. But if you find it, this will be an excellent option for learning the language and for increasing your Korean skills.


If you're interested in how to study Korean, it is important for you to find the very best educational tools. There are a number of options available to you, so no matter how you normally learn a new language or subject you will be able to find something that works with you. Naturally, the best way to learn the language is to move to South Korean (or another region where Korean is the only language spoken around you).

This will fully immerse you in the language, and your brain is forced to learn and adapt. However, if this is not an option, there are other opportunities for you to learn the language, including using an application such as Rosetta Stone or Duolingo. Duolingo is not as extensive as Rosetta Stone, but it is free, so it is a great way to start out. You can also use educational courses, watch Korean movies and pick up language books. Just make sure to go with what works for you.

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