Enrolling in study abroad programs is hard work, especially if you're not sure what program to select. You might have conducted some initial research on whether some organizations involved in study abroad programs are legitimate, such as ISA study abroad, and you could be wondering if those study abroad programs are legit. You do not have to worry anymore, as this article has you covered by providing useful information about ISA, and more particularly, about student experiences and ratings of the organization.


What Is the ISA?

International Studies Abroad (ISA) is a university program provider that offers about 74 international study abroad programs. These international programs include Internship Volunteer, Study Abroad, Gap Year, Intensive Language, and High School abroad programs in 29 nations that include New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and Ireland.

ISA is a leader in international education for over 25 years. ISA is committed to providing university students with an opportunity to discover, learn, and also enjoy a way of life that contrasts their own. As a global organization, ISA offers a diverse portfolio of the study abroad program in all the continents. This is across the Pacific, the Middle East Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

ISA aims to provide high-quality experiences for its students at an affordable price. On an annual basis, thousands of international students take part in ISA’s programs, such as internships and service learning, custom programs, Degrees Abroad, Veritas Christian study Abroad, Euro-scholars undergraduate research, and even high school courses. ISA’s goal is to distinguish itself by maintaining a dedication for every student while also providing them with the comprehensive on-site support that is offered through resident staff in about 75 locations globally.

ISA is also part of WorldStrides, which is the largest provider of educational travel opportunities specifically designed for expanding a student traveler’s comprehension about the world.

About ISA

ISA International Studies Abroad

What Type of Organization is the ISA?


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Is ISA Study Abroad Legit?

Go Abroad ISA Reviews

Go Abroad provides reviews about various educational opportunities for students who intend to study abroad. Based on 244 reviews from various students, ISA received an overall rating of 9.65 out of 10, which is a high score. The score was configured using various scoring criteria, including abroad volunteering, studying abroad, language school, and intern abroad.

From the Go Abroad reviews, most of the students who used ISA were satisfied with ISA's services. Students reported that they got a lot out of their semesters abroad. The student reviews say ISA was well organized and made everything easier by helping with paperwork, including medical insurance and visas. The students also highlighted that ISA provides orientations in various cities, including the culture and activities, and also how to stay safe in a foreign country. Students asserted that the staff was friendly and their support and knowledge were vital in making the experience much better.

Based on a Go Abroad reviews, ISA programs have broadened the horizons of students by helping them meet amazing people and experience a new culture that many - if not all - students learned to love. Most of the experiences from ISA study abroad program students are good and memorable, and negative reviews are very rare.

For instance, one student taking the ISA Study Abroad Program in Sydney, Australia, wrote about swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving, holding a koala, and spending time at the beach to make for an utterly wonderful experience.

Another student in the Research Study Abroad program in Belgium highlighted that ISA helped in blending in, which contributed to the love of Leuven, the city the student lived. The student pointed out that ISA helped him in every step of the way. He also pointed out that the program advisor became one of his best friends and the hosts were loving and caring, all thanks to ISA.

Another student taking the ISA study abroad in London wrote about how the program was itself trustworthy and reliable. In addition, the excursions included in the programs were also fun and exciting. In fact, some students asserted that they would not have picked any better program to go to London with. Besides, there are many opportunities for students who enroll with ISA study abroad as they can work on campus or the local city they are studying in. Therefore, the programs are flexible, and you can adapt based on your preferences.

ISA Study Abroad 101 Rating

Study Abroad 101 gave ISA an overall rating of 4.6 from a variety of criteria. These include academics, administration, housing, healthcare, and social/cultural aspects. The rating was achieved by configuring these criteria from 1,264 students who enrolled in the ISA programs. Based on overall experience, 985 students provided a 5-star rating, 210 a 4-star rating, 46 a 3-star rating, 14 a 2-star rating, and 9 a 1-star rating. This shows that most of the students loved ISA’s programs and their overall experience.

Most of the students who rated ISA from the Study Abroad 101 website provided the benefits of enrolling in ISA programs. For instance, they pointed out that they gained independence, awareness, and self-confidence upon exposure to foreign cultures. They could also learn more about themselves through the programs and cultural exposure. Through the programs, the students could learn how to focus on others while also appreciating them and the time they spent together.

Besides, through the ISA programs, the students could be independent and made new friendships. The programs also revealed more about them, such as being adventurous. They could make new friendships and good memories while undertaking ISA programs. They learned how to survive on their own by allowing them to step out of their comfort zone.


In short, ISA study abroad programs are indeed legit. ISA is a reputable company with more than 25 years of experience in developing study abroad programs, and most of the reviews from Go Abroad and Study Abroad 101 described positive experiences that students have enjoyed after enrolling in an ISA study abroad program. ISA remains committed to providing university students with an opportunity to discover, learn, and also enjoy a way of life that contrasts their own and offers a diverse portfolio of the study abroad program in all the continents.

ISA is dedicated to every student that enrolls in one of its programs, and the company provides those students with comprehensive on-site support to make their experiences as enjoyable and educational as possible. With an overall rating of 4.6/5 from over 1,000 students in Study Abroad 101 and 9.6/10 on Go Abroad from over 200 students, along with the positive reviews students gave, we conclude that ISA study abroad is legit. We hope this article has helped you better understand the legitimacy of ISA study abroad programs.

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