At some time in your life, you may want to work for a meaningful volunteer program and have a life-changing experience volunteering abroad. So what options do you have? Which is the best organization to choose for your volunteer vacation? International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is one of the best volunteer travel organizations in the world, and it's a leader in global volunteer programs and initiatives. This article gives you the basic information about IVHQ and the list of programs it offers.

What Is International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)?

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is a worldwide leader in impactful volunteering abroad. The organization provides some of the best volunteer abroad programs in the world, so you can travel the globe with confidence for your safety and the quality of your experience. The organization offers volunteer abroad projects in over 40 destinations across Central America, Asia, Africa, South America, the Pacific, and the Caribbean. It's been around for more than 10 years, so you can rest easy known you've made a good decision before you ever leave home.

About IVHQ

The mission of the organization is changing the face of volunteer travel. It was established in 2007, and it has grown significantly to more than 40 destinations. The organization believes in a future where travelers are empowered to make a difference in the community they visit. It also focuses on providing affordable travel experiences with great safety, responsibility, and quality. The programs it offers increased global awareness and provide an understanding of various cultures via the skills learned from host communities.

IVHQ Legitimacy

The organization is a registered New Zealand company whose incorporation number is 1936998. IVHQ has been verified by international volunteer travel ports, such as Go Abroad and Go Overseas. It has at least 10 years of experience and 80,000 travelers from over 100 countries.

Why Volunteer Abroad with IVHQ

Volunteering abroad entails traveling overseas to donate your time, energy, and skills for the support of a community that values your contribution. You should volunteer with IVHQ because its programs are designed for individuals who want to make a difference through immersive travel opportunities and cross-cultural learning.

You will get to open your mind to different perspectives while engaging in a mutually beneficial learning exchange with the host communities and fellow volunteers by sharing cultural differences, languages, values, ideas, and skills. You should choose IVHQ as they make it easy and affordable to volunteer trips while providing superior departure and in-country support services. It provides extensive online training and incorporates in-country orientations, airport pickups, and secure accommodations.

Type of Volunteer Work

volunteer giving a package to a woman

With IVHQ, you can volunteer to teach abroad, support conservation projects, volunteer with animals, provide support in childcare centers, or select from other programs depending on the opportunities that best suit you.


The only requirements are fluency in English, a willingness to learn, and a clean criminal record. For the medical and healthcare programs, volunteers need to be training or qualified in the medical field and provide documentation for confirmation. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Volunteering with Family and Friends

team of volunteer

IVHQ allows you to volunteer with friends and family. You should ensure you show this when applying. The organization also hosts school, university, and youth groups, and corporate teams. You can customize the programs for groups to meet your specific needs.

IVHQ List of Programs

The organization offers a wide range of programs to over 40 destinations globally. You can select a program that suits your motivation, skills, travel dates, and budget. We recommend the following programs offered by IVHQ:

Volunteer in India

You can volunteer abroad in India if this is your destination of choice. It is a vast and diverse nation with many personalities. Whether you want to go to the laid-back vibes of Kerala, the spiritual hub of Dharamsala, or the beautiful chaos of Delhi, IVHQ offers programs to cater for all travel styles. There are several programs available, including women education in Kerala and eco-agriculture conservation in Dharamsala. The features include:

  • Fees ranging from $250 for a week
  • 3 program locations you can choose from and 15 project alternatives
  • Locations are: Dharamsala, Kerala, and Delhi

Volunteer in Greece

You have so much to explore in Greece, including food outreach programs. You will get to enjoy Greece waters, buildings, sunsets, and sandy beaches. The organization will base you in Chios, the fifth largest island in the country. Greece programs feature:

  • Four meaningful project options
  • Fees from $340 weekly
  • Projects in Chios
  • You can consider projects in European nations, including Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and Italy

Volunteer in Belize

Choose Belize programs if you love seas, want to experience island life, or have a passion about marine conservation. You will work with marine biologists conducting surveys, gathering data, and removing invasive species. The programs feature:

  • Fees from $90 weekly
  • It offers PADI dive certification
  • Based on a private island, 26 miles off the Belize coast

Volunteering in Jamaica

This will allow you to explore Jamaica, its resorts, culture, and Caribbean cuisine. You will participate in the following programs: animal care, sports development, teaching, and school support, kindergarten, and business or community development. They feature:

  • Fees from $365 weekly
  • Five meaningful project options
  • Fees include accommodation, orientation, airport pickup, breakfast, and 24/7 in-country support

Volunteering in Costa Rica

You will select from different volunteering options, which include working with children, healthcare projects, and teaching English. The following are the highlights of the Costa Rican program:

  • Fees starting from $365 weekly
  • Twelve meaningful projects to select from, such as turtle and childcare conservation
  • Projects based in Manuel Antonio, San Jose, and entire Costa Rica

Volunteering in Madagascar

This captures the heart of Africa. It is a perfect destination for those who wish to volunteer in marine conservation projects. You get to enjoy seeing lemurs while partaking the Forest Conservation project. You can volunteer in helping to increase education access in the teaching project, assist in an infrastructure community development project, and in an Island outreach campaign. The following are the highlights of the Madagascan program:

  • Fees start from $550 bi-weekly
  • Breathtaking wildlife and marine encounters
  • Five meaningful projects including marine and forest conservation

Volunteering in Peru–Lima

The programs offered here are designed for affordability and the main highlights include:

  • The most affordable program where the fees start from $180 weekly
  • Based in Lima, Peru’s capital
  • Four meaningful project alternatives including medical and childcare/special needs

Volunteering in Bali

You will immerse yourself in Balinese culture. You can select from a variety of options, including renovation and turtle conservation projects, teaching, kindergarten, healthcare education, construction, and environmental education. The main highlights of the programs include:

  • Fees starting from $295 weekly
  • Projects are based in Ubud, except the turtle conservation project, which is based on Nusa Penida island
  • Six meaningful project options, including teaching and construction/renovation

Volunteering in Nepal

Programs are located in four Nepalese areas–Pokhara, Chitlang, Chitwan, and Kathmandu. Programs include childcare, teaching English, construction and renovation, and medical elective. Key features are:

  • Fees starting from $250 weekly
  • Five meaningful options to choose from, including teaching
  • Projects based on four Nepalese areas

Volunteering in South Africa

For the IVHQ South Africa program, you will be based in Muizenberg, which is 30-40 minutes to Cape Town. You have options to choose from including childcare, teaching, sports development, surf outreach, and computer training. In addition, there is the South Africa Table View program and include projects like surf, kindergarten, skate & swim, sports development and special needs care. Fees for this program is $265 weekly.

Volunteering in Kenya

The first IVHQ program was launched 10 years ago in Kenya by the founder, Dan Radcliffe. Since then, more than 4,000 volunteers have taken part in this program. You can select from a range of projects, including childcare, teaching, music education, special needs, sports education, and women’s education. The features include:

  • Based in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital
  • Affordable as the fee starts from $270 weekly
  • Choose from 6 meaningful options, including childcare and teaching

Other Recommended Programs:

  • Women's education project in India
  • Serving the community on the food outreach project in Greece
  • Working in an animal care in Jamaica
  • Marine conservation of the coast of Belize
  • Forest conservation in Madagascar
  • Turtle conservation in Costa Rica
  • Teaching English and improving education accessibility in Bali
  • Giving back and grow your skills as a medical volunteer in Peru
  • Provision of essential care and support for children in Kenya
  • Sports Development project in South Africa
  • Working on a construction and renovation project in Nepal


When selecting a meaningful volunteer program, you are hoping to enjoy a life-changing experience. IVHQ is one of the best volunteer abroad organizations you can enroll with. It provides diverse go abroad programs to over 40 destinations across Central America, Asia, Africa, South America, the Pacific, and the Caribbean. With 10 years of experience, you can trust them with their programs. You can volunteer with animals or provide support in childcare centers depending on what opportunities best suit you. You can select a program that suits your motivation, skills, travel dates, and budgets.

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