Work experience is essential to help you figure out the mechanical engineering job you want. However, to get the experience, students need to first get mechanical engineering internships. This can give you a huge head start to your career. So where do you get mechanical engineering internships? How can you get one and what are the benefits? This article provides the answers to these questions and acquaints you with information about what you need to do to land a perfect internship placement.

Where To Get Mechanical Engineering Internships?

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How easy students get mechanical engineering internships depends on the amount of effort they are willing to put in. There are great resources available to students, but it may be overwhelming finding the best internship with the amount of information out there. It is recommended that you start by thinking of the sort of mechanical engineering internship experience you are looking for, what industries interest you most, and the size of the company you would like to work for.

After settling on the rough idea, it is time you start searching where to get the internship. University services and career fairs are the best places to start looking for mechanical engineering internships.


Companies come to campus searching for interns to hire, but many students ignore assuming that only high scorers will be selected. This leaves fewer competitors, and you will have a chance of getting elected even if you are not a high scorer.


Students can search on reliable search engines and portals but can also contact HRs of the reputable firms you would like to land the mechanical engineering internship. Therefore, you need to first make a list of the entities dealing with core mechanical engineering projects.

However, at the end of the day, you want to apply to several firms efficiently and quickly. This is where online platforms become handy as they act as a bridge between students and employers. Such websites allow you to find and apply to a variety of companies all in one place. Some of the best sites include:

Engineering Jobs

This is one of the best platforms for searching for not only mechanical engineering internships but also jobs. Students can search for internships based on their discipline and location. Employers post the requirements for the internship opportunity, the location, and the company. There are many positions to choose from, and the website allows you to customize your search based on the state you want the mechanical internship to be and the date the employer posted the internship.

This allows the student to know which internships are the latest. Once you click on the link provided, it redirects you to where you can apply and the qualifications needed. This makes the site versatile for the student in finding the best mechanical engineering internship out there.


The site allows you to search for both jobs and internships. Students can search for mechanical engineering internships based on their location. The site includes the specifics of the internship opportunity, such as the roles and responsibilities, and the qualifications required for you to land the internship. The site also provides a description of the company that posted the opportunity so that students have an accurate picture of the organization they are applying to.

The profile of the company makes it easier for students to decide whether it is the type of organization they would like to work for or gain experience through the internship. You can even sign up an account with them, which will make it easier for you to make applications.


Just like Monster, SimplyHired allows students to search for both jobs and internships based on their location. The site provides all the information needed for you to apply for the internship opportunity, such as the roles and responsibilities, and the qualifications required. The site also describes the organization that posted the opportunity so that students have an accurate presentation of the entity they are applying to.

The profile of the company makes it easier for students to decide whether it is the organization they would like to work for or gain experience through the internship. Students can sign up an account with them, which will make it easier for you to make applications.

How To Get The Internship?

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There are 6 ways students should consider when planning to get mechanical engineering internships.

Narrow Your Search

Narrowing your search helps you work out which internship opportunity is best for you. You need to ask yourself questions that will bring out your preferences, including specific mechanical engineering sectors, whether you want a desk-based or design-oriented job that encompasses the use of practical experience. For example, if you want to work with Formula 1, but have not landed an opportunity with them, look for a company in the automotive sector, or Millbrook. This will definitely add some weight to your CV.

Do Not Wait For Companies To Advertise

Major companies have placement schemes in place that are advertised in advance but are often filled early. If you are not lucky, there are plenty of smaller firms that can be persuaded to offer an internship provided that you make them the right offer. They may not have any pattern of recruitment but may provide the necessary expertise. This implies that you need to speculate on whether they want interns, and if your letter lands in the right company at the right time, you will be awarded the opportunity.

Conduct Research

To find the right firm that offers mechanical engineering internship in the preferred area of specialization requires significant research. You might find publications useful. For instance, The Engineer, a publication site can help you discover who is behind a certain technology in a specific sector. This can help you draft a good letter which helps you to show your understanding and enthusiasm pertaining to what they do. This improves your likelihood of landing the opportunity.

Stay In Touch With Your University

Speaking to people at your university who may have contact with the business world can also be essential to find off-campus internship opportunities. Besides networking is a good way of getting to know external mentors who you can ask for advice or help you land an internship placement. Therefore, asking your university careers placement adviser pertaining to the opportunities available can also be helpful in landing the mechanical engineering internship you may need.

Work Out What Employers Want

If you already settled with a company that will offer you a permanent job, an internship placement is essential for equipping you with the relevant experience. We recommend that you look at the graduate criteria for the firm’s jobs if you have missed an opportunity on their internship program. This can help you determine where else you can go for your placement.

Widen Your Horizons

If you have tried local firms or the university without success, you need to look further afield. Getting the placement is the hard part, and you can arrange for accommodation later. Foreign companies can still provide internships since some of them, particularly those in the energy, aerospace, and automotive sectors are much global. If you have a proven ability to work with in an international climate and understand different cultures, then this will make your CV to stand out.


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There are numerous benefits of mechanical engineering internships, including:

Make Industry Contacts

Sometimes, it is not about what you know but who you know. Having external contacts can help you land a well-paying job once you complete your internship. Besides, you will have people as your referees or mentors, which will help improve your career through advice.

Internships Look Good On Your CV

The graduate job market is competitive and having a great CV will make you stand out. Internships offer actual industry experience, which is a precious asset for differentiating you against potential competitors.

Gain Confidence

Internships help you test specific techniques learned in the class before entering the real world. You will apply what you have learned in a safe environment where mistakes are tolerable, which increases your confidence.

Get Career Experience

Once you are awarded an internship placement, you will learn about how to perform tasks in the job. You will experience what a real job would entail. This helps you convert academic knowledge acquired from the university to industry skills. Besides, you will be able to apply the skills you gain in the real world.

Narrow Down Your List Of Potential Careers

Internships help you decide which career or mechanical engineering sector you do not prefer or isn’t for you, which helps you narrow down the list of potential careers.


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Getting a mechanical engineering internship depends on your effort. You can look for the internships on campus or off-campus. In campus, companies come searching for interns to hire, and there is a chance you will be selected. You can land an opportunity off-campus by prospecting or using online platforms like SimplyHired, Monster, and Engineering Jobs, which are handy as they act as a bridge between students and employers.

However, before landing the perfect internship, you need to narrow your search, conducting thorough research, staying in touch with your university, and widening your horizons. The benefits of mechanical engineering internships include making industry contacts, bettering your CV, gaining confidence, obtaining experience, and helping you narrow down your list of potential careers.

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