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How Social Work Internships Abroad Benefit Students - Expat Informer

If you love social work, then browsing social work internships may sound like an exciting endeavor. The profession remains largely neglected in today's world. Social workers are routinely underpaid while they help out the more unfortunate citizens of society. The profession of social work started in the 18th century. Once the concept of feudalism crumbled, a force of people was assigned to watch over the poorer classes.

In modern society, social work garnered steam and momentum as a legitimate profession in the early 1900's. By 1929, a total of ten social work academic programs appeared in college course listings. While this may sound small, it acted as a catalyst for change. As the decades went on, social work became more and more important. Today, social work is a noble job that people take on with honor.

With this in mind, social work internships may be on your radar. After all, internships give you the experience and confidence in yourself to help others in the community. But, what exactly makes this profession so important? And how does it affect society?

The Importance Of Social Work

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Social work internships help build up positivity around the profession. Social workers do so many great things, of which helping the marginalized in society is but one. Whether it's assisting the impoverished, guiding those with mental health issues, or supporting the LGBTQ+ community, the social workers are there to help. They choose this profession to help and the effects in society show. Social workers help people in hospitals, people with disabilities, and everyone in between.

It's clear that social workers do a lot for good for society. But, how do you pursue it? What courses do you take in college? And what should you expect from these courses?

Social Work In College

The best way to obtain a social work internship is through college. Universities are the melting pot of education, and new and exciting experiences are always around the corner. Within the college experience, you learn so much with unique classes that tailor to your specific needs.

As your journey into social work ramps up, one of the classes you will have revolves around research methods. Research methods give the attendee the experience of evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence. In short, you learn through doing, as with social work internships, and by applying what you've learned. You also gather evidence from others who go out and report back what they learned. It's a reciprocal relationship that enhances learning.

Another aspect of social work in college is narrowing down which direction you want to go. Do you want to focus on the individual? Or, do you prefer to work out in the community? It's important to understand the difference, so you end up doing what you love.

Benefits Of Social Work Internships Abroad

Studying abroad is an event you need to live to believe. It changes your life in a variety of positive ways, and it's something that you will never forget. Social work internships grant you these experiences and allow you to truly find yourself and embrace a society that may not be all that familiar.

Learning different cultural values

Learning that the same problems exist in all cultures

Learning various ways to solve problems

Develop Confidence In Yourself And Your Practice

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As viewed above, social work internships give you a lot of insight into how to be a better professional and an even better person. An important takeaway you get from a social work internship is the amount of confidence you will gain in yourself and the work to which you're going to devote your life.

By traveling abroad and experiencing different cultures, you will realize that you are more than capable of becoming a social worker. The nervous butterflies will disappear as you put what you learned in the classroom into practice. Not only that but being in a foreign country and experiencing a different culture demonstrates adaptability in an unfamiliar situation.

Research The Best Internship For Yourself

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Now that you're ready to start researching social work internships, you need to know where to look. If you have a university in mind, searching for "social work programs" on their website should uncover all the courses. is also an excellent source for these career-changing experiences.

If you have access to a campus, the social work department should help you get started on your way to obtaining an internship. Sometimes, the internship is a class, and you get credit for your trip abroad. These both offer you different ways to begin your research into the social work internship.

As a social worker, you change the world. Never forget that as you embark on this wonderful quest.

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