So you’ve decided to live abroad?


You’re probably excited about being immersed in a new culture, making new friends and perhaps even learning a new language.

Once you move past your newfound excitement, there are some practicalities to consider.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of finding affordable housing in a new country can be scary, especially if you don’t speak the language.

Luckily, there are many resources available to you on your journey to a new life. Read on to discover the basics of finding housing wherever you go.

Doing Your Research into Housing Abroad

The first thing you should do is consult the grand maestro — Google, that is. Finding a housing connect is easier now than ever before, thanks to the internet.

Make sure you find out the rules and regulations of whichever country you plan to move to, including finding appropriate housing for your specific type of visa.

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What’s Your Reason for Moving?

For example, if you’ll be living on a student visa, discover how to find study abroad housing in your specific area. Many countries have low-cost options for students and can even hook you up with other students living in your area or some sweet roommate options.

If you’re moving into your golden years and want a place to relax, the most important thing you can do is plan your housing ahead of time. This will save you a ton of worry and stress over where you’ll live, not to mention hotel costs while you’re doing your search.

Important Things to Consider Before Moving

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding where to live. Firstly, you’ll want to look at a detailed map of your chosen city, and consult the web as to where the best areas are.

It’s a given that some places will be more dangerous than others. These are usually less expensive. Some will be safer, and more expensive. What you’ll want (unless you have unlimited money, in which case — congratulations! You’ve won the easy-living lottery) is to hit that sweet spot right in the middle.

Find an area with a good reputation in a spot you know you’ll be able to afford. Consider things like access to public transportation as you choose. Will your apartment or house be close enough to walk to a bus stop or train depot?

Researching your area is essential to finding a place you’ll be happy with. Once you have a general idea of where you want to live, it’s time to get some housing help from the gurus.

Housing Resources to Help You on Your Way

Fortunately, there are a lot of English-speaking websites that will show you the way. These feature a wealth of information from those who have gone before you and know a thing or two about the situation.


Expatica is a great place to start if you’re moving to Europe or South Africa. Their easy-to-use interface allows you to find a house tailored specifically to fit your needs. You’ll be able to search through apartments, houses and many other styles of homes in the city of your choice.

The houses advertised by these landlords and retailers are easy to rent, because you won’t have to deal with any sort of language barrier. They are advertised and rented in English, specifically for expats!


If you’re looking to move somewhere outside of Europe, never fear. The Expatriates site has you covered with housing in over 150 countries across the globe. Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, New Zealand and Australia are all covered, as well as many islands. Here you’ll be able to sort through houses by location and price to find you perfect new home.


If you don’t want to enter into a lease agreement, Sublet is for you. This site will let you rent out a room or even an entire house directly from the landlord, or sublet from the current tenant. This is a great short-term option as well, if you’re only looking for somewhere to stay while finding permanent housing.

Housing Apps You Can Install on Your Phone

If you want up-to-date by the minute opportunities, consider installing housing apps on your phone. Housing apps are a wonderful way to stay in touch with the housing community in your country of choice.

Badi App

Consider downloading the Badi App to search for roommates and housing opportunities worldwide. The Whoomie app allows you to search for roommates, tinder-style. It’s useful if you’re moving to Barcelona or London, but isn’t widely available across the globe yet.


Of course, Craigslist has an app as well. This site is good not only for housing but for potential awesome free goodies and cheap furniture, not to mention jobs.


Try Realtor for an international search of rentals or if you’re looking to purchase a home. This site is a great way to connect with landlords across the globe.

Housing Abroad Completes Your New Life

Finding housing abroad is only part of the adventure that awaits you.

Use these tips and tricks to find the perfect home. Then you can focus on building your paradise abroad in the city of your choice!

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