Thirty years ago, Dubai was just an area of dust in the desert. It has grown exponentially over the last three decades. With this explosion of growth have come innovation, wealth and employment.

Dubai is known for a few things. It is known for its extreme wealth and great shopping. It’s known for its strict dress code and adherence to the Muslim faith. But it’s also known for its jobs.

Most jobs that you can think of are better paid in Dubai. Pilot? Better paid. Lawyer? Better paid.

A lot of people make the trip to Dubai and stay for a small window of time to benefit from the generous paycheck.

So what does it take to get an Abu Dhabi job?


The Best Jobs in Dubai for Americans

Dubai jobs for Americans are numerous and available. If you’re an expat, then you’ll quickly find yourself in familiar and good company.

InterNations quotes “expats living in Dubai make up roughly 80% of the emirate’s population.” This is a high percentage of people who have gone before you and found a well-paying job.

One important thing to remember when looking for a good job in Dubai is that you need a sponsor to work and receive a resident visa. These two things go hand in hand. It’s advised that you work closely with a recruitment agency to find work.

This will offer you the best chance of getting a good job.


Tips for Finding Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi jobs

There are some things to take into account when looking for a job in Abu Dhabi. You can’t be too prepared, as the saying goes, and this is especially true here. Let’s take a look at some things you should do to help you find a job.


1. Finding a Job in Abu Dhabi Requires a Visa

Like a lot of countries these days, Dubai has tightened up on its visa programs and currently requires you to have a visa to work.

TransferWise says that while every job in Dubai will have this as a requirement, you don’t necessarily need it before you enter the country. Temporary visas are issued upon arrival, but if you’re planning on staying and working you’ll have to look at upgrading this.


2. Use an Online Profile to Find Abu Dhabi Jobs

Dubai is clued up when it comes to the internet, so you need to be as well. Because you’re applying from overseas, a lot of your researching and applying will be online.

Expat Woman says that networking is an essential factor, so creating a LinkedIn and contacting people you either know or don’t know directly will increase your chances.


3. Finding Abu Dhabi Jobs through Company Websites

If you’re proactive and want to cut out the middleman, you can go directly through Company websites.

Dona Cherian of Gulf News says that large companies like Emirates or PWC have a fully functioning career page on their sites. This means you can contact prospective employers directly.


Things to Know when Working in Dubai

As time-consuming as looking for a job can be, you’ve also got to think beyond the role when thinking about working in Dubai. Dubai comes with its cultures and traditions that you must respect, so knowing these before you get to Dubai is essential.

  • Dress Code: Dubai has a strict dress code. Sam Barker of Go Abroad says to remember that anything short or see-through is a big no-no. Women must cover their shoulders and knees while men must conceal their chests.
  • Premarital Relations: this rule is straightforward – on paper, at least. Premarital relations are strictly forbidden in Dubai, and Sam goes on to mention that you can’t even share a hotel room with your partner if you’re not married.
  • Alcohol Consumption: it is illegal to consume alcohol in public, or be inebriated. However, Sam says you can enjoy a drink on licensed premises – just be sure to know when to stop.


The Best Jobs for Americans in Dubai 

Dubai is a bustling, lively city with a lot to offer Americans. With the population of expats being so high, it’s no wonder there are so many inspired to try and make it big as well.

The economy is strong, and your chances of landing a well-paying job are high. There is an endless wealth of information online when it comes to looking for and finding a job. This stretches from directly contacting global companies to placing your trust in a recruitment agency.

All these tips and tricks will increase your chances of finding one of the best Abu Dhabi jobs.

Dubai has some of the best jobs for Americans. You just need to make sure you educate yourself on the culture and their laws before stepping off the flight.

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