Distant lands are calling your name. But you want more than just a vacation. You want to try living somewhere else. Somewhere different. Have you considered Disney jobs abroad? Disney is a large, well-established company with jobs in many different sectors. Also, many of them do not require a college degree. If you’re looking for adventure, why not check out what Disney has to offer?

Disney Jobs Abroad: A Great Way To Get to Work Overseas

Arriving at your new country with a job in hand is a lot easier than buying a ticket and hoping for the best. In fact, many countries will not issue a work visa at all, unless you already have a job waiting. Disney has a wide variety of jobs available around the world. You can work in dozens of different sectors, including hospitality, retail, marketing, management, IT, human resources, and more. In addition, Disney offers several unique programs for students, interns, and employees. These programs can take you to places like Paris, Tokyo, the Bahamas, and even Shanghai. Best of all, when you work for Disney, you know that you’re working with a rock solid company with a sterling reputation. Disney jobs abroad can be a passport to adventure — and to a lifetime of success.

Disney English

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Do you have a passion for people? Or maybe you have a background in teaching. Would you like to share your language and culture? If so, then check out Disney English. With the Disney English program, you can work in a number of Disney jobs abroad teaching English to elementary age children. You’ll have your choice of several exciting Chinese cities. And when you’re not teaching, you’ll be free to explore a whole new world.

How is this different from other Teach English Abroad programs? Well, you know you’ll be working with a large, trusted American company that won’t suddenly go out of business and leave you stranded. And that means a lot. In addition, the benefits are fantastic. Disney provides a salary, a monthly housing stipend, medical and dental benefits, and paid sick leave and vacation. In addition, you will receive training, Rosetta Stone licensing, and travel expenses to and from China. They can even help you get your TEFL-C certification. If this sounds like the job you, go to the Disney English page for more information.

Disney Cruise Line Jobs

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Maybe a high seas adventure is more your style. If so, you should check out jobs on Disney’s cruise line. Disney’s cruise line has jobs available in hotel operations, entertainment, marine and technical operations, and more. You can work on a ship, or on the shore. And many of these jobs don’t require a college degree. How do these sound?

  • Be a lifeguard in the Bahamas.
  • Join a ship’s crew as a character, musician, guest speaker, or activities leader.
  • Work in a retail facility aboard a ship, or at an exotic island resort.
  • Join restaurant staff at all levels in your choice of location.
  • Work as a ship’s engineer, or as part of the onboard maintenance crew.
  • Care for children in the daycare center of a ship or resort.

Disney cruises travel to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Canada, the Mediterranean, and more. Check out Disney jobs abroad and on their cruise lines at their cruises career page.

Disney Jobs at Parks and Resorts

Disney has seven parks and resorts around the world, and you could be working at one of them.

  • Anaheim, California: Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure Park. Two theme parks, plus a hotel, restaurant, and rail system offer an astounding number of jobs in different fields.
  • Orlando, Florida: Disneyworld. Six parks in one.
  • Kapolei, Hawaii: Aulani Resort. No theme park here, but a magnificent spa and hotel, with restaurants, attractions, and a kids club.
  • Paris, France: Disneyland, Paris. A theme park and hotel, with restaurants, attractions and spa services.
  • Hong Kong: Disneyland Resort. A theme park, hotel, and spa, with fine dining and various attractions.
  • Shanghai, China: Disneyland Park. The famous theme park, along with several hotels, dining, and attractions.
  • Tokyo, Japan: Disneyland ResortTwo theme parks (Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea), along with hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions.

Image CC 2.0 by xiquinhosilva, via Wikimedia Commons.

There’s more to working at Disney than being a cast member. You can get Disney jobs abroad in many different fields, including marketing, IT, advertising, human resources, and more. Search for jobs by country here. In addition, you can search by job type, category, or brand. Many of these jobs will require fluency in the language of your host country. But if you have the right combination of skills and experience, this could be the path for you.

Hospitality: the Next Big Frontier

Many Disney jobs abroad and in the United States are in the hospitality industry. Hospitality is a growing field, and hotels and restaurants are always looking for new, enthusiastic employees. In addition, many hospitality jobs don’t require a college degree. The field has plenty of room for personal and professional growth. If you want to learn more about breaking into the hospitality industry, you can check out Monster.com’s guide to the industry here.

Disney Work from Home Jobs

Disney jobs abroad work from home

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Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean staying home. It means making your home where you want it to be, and working from there. Want a job you can take with you? Telecommuting may be the answer. Does Disney offer telecommuting opportunities? You bet they do! Available positions will change from time to time, but some work from home jobs Disney has recently offered include:

  • Guest Services: Fielding customer service calls for the Disney Store.
  • Sales Associate: Handling inbound and outbound calls and online chats with customers.
  • District Sales Manager: Coordinating with travel agencies to promote Disney resorts.

Does it sound too good to be true? The jobs are real, but are they a good fit for you? The truth is, working at home isn’t for everyone. First, you have to consider if your personality is a good fit for telecommuting. Would you be lonely or bored without coworkers you see every day? Or would the lack of distractions motivate you? Check out ABC.com’s Working At Home Quiz to see if telecommuting sounds right for you.

Next, do you have the skills and education to do the job? None of the jobs above required a college degree. But you do have to have good communication skills and strong computer skills. In addition, as with all telecommuting jobs, you’ll have to have a fast and reliable internet connection. Finally, does the work sound like something you would enjoy?

If so, visit the Disney Careers Website to find out more about their work from home opportunities.

Student Programs

For Students in the United States

Are you currently enrolled at a United States college or university? Would you like to combine business education with learning on the job? Then Disney’s college program may be the opportunity you’re looking for. Disney College Program students will live in luxurious company housing with other students from around the world. You will spend part of your time in classrooms, learning how the Disney organization works. In addition, you will work at a number of different jobs within the Disney organization. If you’re looking for a fun way to get your foot in the door of the hospitality industry, this is a great way to do it.

This paid internship lasts four to seven months. Disney offers its College Program at Disneyworld Florida and Disneyland in California. If you’re interested in applying or learning more, visit the Disney College website. In addition, the video below can give you a peek into the lives of Disney College participants.

For Students Outside the United States

Are you a student at a college or university outside the United States? Have you ever wanted to work and learn in the U.S.? Would you like to see how the Disney organization works, from the inside — and get paid? Do you see a possible future for yourself working for Disney? If so, then there are Disney jobs abroad for you.

Academic Exchange ProgramStudents can earn money by working in different roles at Disneyworld, Florida. At the same time, they will take credit and non-credit classes to learn about business, and about how Disney operates.

Cultural Exchange ProgramIn the Cultural Exchange Program, you will spend your school break working at Disneyworld, Florida. This option does not include coursework.

Cultural Representative ProgramAs a Cultural Representative, you will represent your country to visitors. In addition to working in different parts of the Disneyworld park, you may find yourself translating for guests from your country, as well as sharing your culture with visitors. Interviews are held in the Spring, and the application deadline is in September.

All of the positions involve paid employment, however, there is a charge for Disneyland housing. For more details, or to apply, visit the Disneyland International Programs page. In addition, you can watch this video about Disney jobs abroad for international students.

Applying for Disney Jobs

Disney is an enormous company with branches and facilities all around the world. Finding just the right Disney job can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, the Disney careers website has all the information you need in one place. You can search for Disney jobs abroad by country, by job type, or by brand. You can find jobs in many different sectors — including yours, or even the one you would like to work in. And you can find them all over the world. Wherever you are — and wherever you would like to be — there just might be a Disney job for you.

Featured Image CC BY 2.0, by Curtis Palmer, via Flickr.

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