Where are your skills needed the most?

You’ve just graduated from college. Or perhaps you’ve finally quit that job. You’re sick of the commute, the weather, or the in-laws – it’s time for a change.

You want to find the ultimate lifestyle. Somewhere where you can buy wine any time of the day or night. And the restaurants don’t close at 9 pm.

A great job would be good, too. Finding that perfect match that screams your name, while also fitting around your gym hours. Hard to come by, but worth holding onto when you get it.

Unbelievably, there are places in the world that are looking for someone exactly like you. They have the lifestyle, the lack of traffic and, best of all, the job description.

That’s not the best bit, though: they’ll pay you to move there.

Let’s look at why this isn’t a joke.


How to Move to Another Country with No Job

get paid to move to another countryThis might be a difficult concept to grasp. Packing up the family, selling the house and hoping that there’ll be a job waiting for you at the other end.

Luckily, the incentives these countries have put in place mean that the only thing you have to worry about when you get there is finding a job. They take care of the rest. What does this mean?

The Penny Hoarder explains that you can move to Saskatchewan, Canada, and have up to $20,000 worth of your student loan reimbursed.

This will certainly help take the pressure off finding a job as soon as you get there. Plus, this incentive implies that Saskatchewan is in need of College graduates – the perfect place if you’re fresh out and needing a job.


Finding a Job Once you’ve Moved Countries

Let’s take a look at three tips to finding a job once you’ve moved countries. Remember, if you’re being paid to move there, the pressure’s not as high – but it’s still good to be prepared.


1. Research the country where you plan to move

Allan Hoffman of Monster outlines why doing your research before you embark abroad is a crucial strategy to ensuring you’re giving yourself a good chance of being employed.

He says “your knowledge of your new home will likely play a role in your success there.” The more you know about your destination, the higher your chances of landing that dream job.


2. Know your limitations when finding a job

ZipRecruiter outlines a critical aspect to remember when moving to another country and finding a job.

While the romance of this move will sweep you up initially, it will wear off when you have to put your nose to the ground and sniff out what’s available. Knowing your limitations is crucial to ensuring you don’t get caught out.

Ask yourself questions like what language do they speak? What kind of visa will I need to work? These factors play an essential part in the likelihood of landing a good job once you’re there.


Countries that Pay you to Move There

Now that you’re a little more prepared to face the reality of getting paid to move to another country, let’s look at a couple of countries that do so.

  • Candela, Italy: Nicole Pesce of Moneyish will tell you that Italy is the place to be. Specifically, Candela.

She says that due to a sharp drop in population, the Mayor of this little European town is offering 2,000 Euros to anybody who would like to make the transition and boost the numbers up again.

  • Harmony, Minnesota: Cameron Huddleston of Kiplinger says that Harmony, Minnesota is the place to be paid to be.

After complaints from young families that there weren’t enough first homes available, Harmony has decided to offer $12,000 to anyone who moves there and builds a new house. Getting paid to make your dream home? Yes, please.


When you’re Getting Paid to Move Countries

There’s nothing like a little cash to make your ears prick up and think about what life would be like living somewhere else.

Amazingly, this is a very true reality for some beautiful places around the globe. From the quaint cobblestones of Italy to the natural elements of Canada, there is no shortage of incentive to pack up and move abroad.

If you look in the right place, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect combination of dream job and lifestyle.

Even if it takes a little time to get that job you want, you can rest easy knowing that you have a bit of cash flow to tide you over. With incentives like Saskatchewan, you can even relieve your student loan of that mounting pressure.

It’s never been easier to get paid to move abroad.

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