As a student and expat, the more hands-on experience you can gain, the better! Graphic design internships are an excellent way for students to learn. It teaches you from inside the industry, rather than reading the information in a textbook. You do the work industry professionals perform daily during the internship's duration. It allows you to see how the industry works and gain invaluable knowledge of design work. Students can work together and learn from one another. It is an opportunity to get into the field and gain hands-on experience as a graphic designer.

Students get to network during their graphic design internships. They speak to industry experts and ask questions. The student can work with various departments and learn the intricacies of the industry. And, they can make mistakes without hurting their employer, since a professional is monitoring the work they’re doing. Start filling out your applications for those open internship positions this coming semester. It will truly prepare you for the work you’ll be doing in the industry. You’ll get an insider’s perspective of the work, and ultimately decide if it is the right industry for you!

How Graphic Design Internships Benefit Expat Students

Graphic design internships are highly beneficial for expats, and local students alike. They afford students the opportunity to learn from those who work in the industry. Students can ask questions and receive instruction from the best professionals in their field. And, it allows students an opportunity to make mistakes during training. This opportunity also minimizes the chance they’ll make those mistakes after they’re an employer hires them.

Graphic Design Internship Benefits

A graphic design internship is a tool an expat can utilize to their advantage. Students will work within the industry. The course allows them to learn what the work is like and what they’ll do daily. Students work with tools, equipment, and learn from the inside, rather than reading the pages in a textbook.

Getting credit for college coursework

Working with major employers and companies

Gaining first-hand industry experience

Meeting other expats and US students

International experience

Success development and Career Coaching

Career Coaching and Mentoring from Industry Professionals

The mentoring students receive during a graphic design internship is unlike anything they’ll gain in class. Some benefits of mentoring include:

  • Students work with people who are doing the work, day in and day out, in the industry
  • Mentors can teach and offer suggestions, so students can reassess how things work
  • A career mentor has the knowledge and breadth many teachers don’t possess
  • Many mentors extend themselves to students, beyond the 9-5 workday

Many mentors also went through an internship before reaching their position with their employer. And, many of the mentors might be young and can give students an insight into the industry. Students are more likely to listen to their ideas, tips, and information, knowing they can follow in similar footsteps.

In addition to working with a mentor, interns also have access to the company’s database. This opportunity also means they can utilize online tools and different design tools a company uses. They learn about software, hardware, and CMS systems companies use. Many textbooks are older and don’t have information about these newer programs. Completing the internship allows students to receive instruction in the latest technologies. This instruction also ensures they’ll know what to expect when they’re in the field of work.

Choosing the Right Graphic Design Internships as an Expat

Graphic Designer

Selecting the first internship from a list isn’t the best approach for students who will complete a course. There are several factors students should consider, before choosing. First off, the location of the graphic design internship is of high importance. This factor is especially true in cases where students hope to receive a job offer after the course ends. Students should choose a location where they want to live/work and will enjoy doing the work.

Company culture, beliefs, and goals are also important aspects of choosing a graphic design internship. For students who have goals in mind, it is counter-intuitive to work with companies that go against them. It is essential to choose a company which has a positive cultural impact. Students should look for companies which are engaging in productive work and design. And, students should look for an opportunity, which works directly in line with their career objectives.

For students who want to land a position with a company, it is essential to learn about opportunities beforehand. Learn about open full and part-time roles. Find out if those companies hire students who’ve done graphic design internships with them in the past. Learn about future opportunities the company has in the future. The more information students can glean from a company, the easier it will be to land a position. And, the more they'll learn about the industry.

Add It to the Resume

Graphic design internships allow students to “beef up” their resume. It is something many college students don’t receive. Students who enroll in graphic design internships show potential employers their desire to work in the field. It also helps further demonstrate the student’s willingness to work in the field. Undertaking an unpaid internship proves to potential employers the student wishes to work in the area. It indicates their eagerness to learn the skills necessary to exceed, without receiving compensation. Employers value this experience and drive when interviewing applicants.

Overall Benefits of Graphic Design Internships for Expats Studying Abroad

man teaching expat students

Whether returning to the US or staying in the foreign country a little longer, an internship is highly beneficial. Meeting industry professionals is a great networking tool. Learning from inside a company culture gives students an insight into how the industry works. And, the hands-on experience, affords students the opportunity to do the work in the industry. Students will also gain confidence in their abilities and skills to do the job in the field.

Upon returning to the US, expats will find it easier to reacclimate as a graphic designer. Their international experience affords them knowledge US-based students don’t have. Additionally, employers’ value the skills and experience they receive in different parts of the world. Learning from an international standpoint is a great way to further one’s career. Ultimately the internship helps students decide if this is the field they want to pursue. And, if not, they can reassess their career objectives moving forward with the unbelievable experience from overseas studies.

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