Do you dream of living a Nordic lifestyle?

It might be more realistic than you think. There are plenty of jobs for Americans in Norway, if only you know where to look.

Whether you’re ready for a permanent change or just want to mix it up for a few years, moving to Norway is a positive career decision that can reward you in numerous ways.

Feeling skeptical?

Keep reading to learn more about what jobs in Norway can provide for you.


Why Should You Move to Norway?

People generally move to Norway for two reasons: better money and unique experiences.

This Nordic country provides high wages and pleasant work conditions, including five weeks of paid holiday, maternity (and paternity) leave, and excellent medical care.

Despite the higher taxes and cost of living, a Norway lifestyle provides plenty of benefits for your life.

If you love the outdoors, Norway is an ideal country to move to.

Skiing is the sport of choice throughout the winter months, and the summer season provides plenty of stunning hiking paths. Likewise, family culture is a high priority in Norway, making the country a great place to move with your entire family.

Even if you aren’t seeking a high-profile career, working in Norway provides plenty of advantages. However, the key to a successful experience is finding the right job for your situation.


Finding the Best Jobs for Americans in Norway

Like with most countries, one of the best ways to find a job in Norway is to look through job websites. Because most of the posting for Norway will be listed in Norwegian, it’s a distinct advantage to seek a bit of the language.

In fact, while most Norwegians speak fluent English, almost every employer prefers hiring applicants that also speak Norwegian.

If you prefer to find a position after you have already moved to the country, it’s a smart idea to seek our local job fairs and recruitment opportunities. Meeting a prospective employer face to face will dramatically improve your chance of being hired, especially if you are a foreign applicant.

One of the easiest ways for Americans to get jobs in Norway is for an employer to “poach” you from your current job.

Many companies throughout the country habitually approach qualified people and ask them to apply for open positions. However, because these “poachers” only approach the best of the best, it’s essential that you maintain a habit of excellent work throughout your career.

To stand out from the crowd as in international applicant for jobs in Norway, having a degree is essential. Formal education is highly valued throughout the country, and it can be challenging to rise above the competition without a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree.


Challenges for Working in Norway

As idyllic as working in Norway might seem, it’s not without its problems.

Speaking Norwegian is essential for many positions, as it’s the language that professionals speak amongst each other, even if most corporate work is conducted in English.

In the same way, Norwegians tend to stick together, making it slightly difficult to make friends when you first move.

Likewise, the Norwegian climate can be challenging for some people to adjust to. Rainy, windy conditions are standard, and sunlight levels vary significantly throughout the year. Close to the Arctic circle, the sun rarely sets in the summer and comes out for fewer than five hours in the winter months.

Contrary to what you might think, Norway is one of the most expensive countries to move to.

You can expect to spend significantly more for staples like food and lodging throughout the country, though these costs are often offset by the increase of social services you receive for being a resident.


How to Apply for Jobs in Norway

Working in Norway is a fulfilling experience and there plenty of jobs in Norway for Americans.

In particular, the tech industry is booming throughout the region, meaning that skilled American workers can find jobs relatively quickly.

Other popular career fields for international workers include taking on research positions, healthcare, childcare services (like an au pair), the hospitality industry, and housekeeping.

If you are serious about finding a fulltime job in Norway, it’s a good idea to move to the country a few months before you need to work. This allows you to meet employers in person for interviews, which improves your chances of getting hired.

It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with immigration laws within the country so that you have the right visa for the length of stay you are anticipating. Without proper planning, you might come short on achieving your goal of working in Norway.

Finding jobs in Norway for Americans isn’t as difficult as you might think, and living in a Norwegian country is well worth the effort. Take the time to make the transition, and you will be well rewarded in your career.

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