Moving abroad is an exciting time in anyone’s life.

Being immersed in a new culture is fun, exciting and can open doors for you that you would have never thought were possible.

Opportunities abound across the globe, no matter here you’re moving to.

New languages are one of the most beautiful and exciting parts of moving abroad. Talking to new people, pronouncing new words — it’s all an international laugh. However, a language barrier can bring much of this to a grinding halt.

In order to get the most out of your experience, you’ll need to learn at least a little bit of the language of the country you’re moving to.

Learning a foreign language can be difficult and time-consuming. But it can also be fun! Luckily, we’re here to help with the basics of finding the perfect tool to help you on your journey.

Local Language Classes in Your Community

In order to learn a new language fully, you’ll want to immerse yourself completely. There’s no better way to do this than with language classes in your local community (the one you’ll be moving too, not the one you came from).

First of all, you need to research fully where you’ll be moving too and the language school opportunities there. For example, if you want to move to Cartagena, search Spanish schools in that area.

Often you’ll find a brick-and-mortar school is more helpful in connecting with the local community. Your teacher can oftentimes guide you to more resources and expat-friendly spots around town.

You’ll be able to meet with other people who are also learning the language where you live. This can provide you with a sense of community, where you’ll be able to meet new friends and hang out after-hours.

Another option you can take advantage of is private tutors in your area. Many people find that one-on-one learning is much more beneficial to them than learning in a classroom.

There are a few tools you can use to connect with reliable private tutors, like Take Lessons. You can meet up with these teachers to get the full experience of hearing and learning while inside the United States. When you leave, many of them offer online courses.

Get Good with Online Language Classes

Online language classes are a great way to learn through the computer. Many of them are flexible, allowing you to log in and complete lessons whenever you have the time.

This allows you to learn a new language around your own schedule, which can be a valuable resource if you’re planning on doing a lot of traveling in your new country.

iTalki for Private Tutoring

Try italki if you want private online tutoring from a native speaker. This site is international, offering the full range of languages. You’ll be able to take courses online from fully certified teachers.

Each teacher has ratings, and many offer a free or less expensive trial period to see if the two of you are a good fit. The lessons are reasonably priced and at different rates, so you can choose your tutor based on your own budget as well.

The Rosetta Stone Classroom Experience

If you’re looking for more of a classroom experience, consider investing in Rosetta Stone. This resource offers a plethora of different major languages.

Expect to pay around 200 dollars, but you get a lot for this. Innovative technology and interactive lessons make Rosetta Stone a good choice for anyone looking to learn a new language quickly.

Language Classes Through Apps to Help Anytime, Anywhere

Want to learn languages free of charge?

There’s an app for that! Well actually, there’s quite a few. And some you have to pay for.

Learning languages with language apps

Image via RYPE

Duolingo Language Classes

Try out Duolingo completely free to learn major European and Asian languages, as well as many African and Middle Eastern tongues. They also offer High Valyrian if you’re moving to Westeros This app is free of charge and gives you lessons every day, which you can complete at your leisure.

Babbel Language Classes

Babbel is another great app. With Babbel you’ll get to listen to real-world, expert English language speakers and go through handcrafted lessons. Babbel offers a myriad of languages.

You’ll be able to complete lessons from ten to fifteen minutes long, so you don’t have to worry about your ever-shrinking attention span. Although parts of Babbel are free, you’ll have to pay 5 or ten bucks a month to get access to all the full lessons it offers.

Memrise Language Classes

Memrise is another great free language app. The cool thing with Memrise is that you can download it onto your phone so you can use it at any time. This is great for when you don’t have Wi-Fi but want to invest ten minutes in a little lesson.

Language Classes Connect and Enhance Life Abroad

Make sure to give the language-learning process your all. You’ll be rewarded in the long run.

Taking language classes will help you connect with the local community and assimilate into society. They’re a great way to have fun, too!


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