It’s a hot topic around the globe.

With Trump firmly seated in the optimal position, it’s no secret that white-hot rumors are getting passed around about the state of America.

Firmly nestled in the other three corners of the globe are proud citizens who express their opinions freely, away from the judging eye of half of America’s population.

But is it all negative? Is America going to hell in a handbasket with people immigrating to Canada in droves?

America has slowly solidified itself a permanent worldview that might come as a surprise to some. Let’s take a look at what other countries think of America as a country.


How Other Countries View America

There is a rainbow-colored list of perceptions that different countries have of America. While some people focus on the negative, many others stick to the positive.

For many, it can be easy to get caught up in the shadow of such a geographically expansive country. Many other smaller nations don’t stand a chance when it comes to population and power.

Some, however, are okay with this. They enjoy leaving the big questions to powers like America, trusting that America works for the good of its people and others.

CBS News interviewed people from many different countries on how they view America. Shitij of India said, “has a very liberal culture, great people and a country that drives innovation.”

For many, America is a productive nation that holds fundamental rights as inherent to a safe society. Its liberalism is a driving force that encourages constant progression.


What is America Known For Best

There are many things that America isn’t known for. However, there are also many things America is known for.

Once you find your way out of the smog of L.A. and the gridlocks of New York, there is some breathtaking beauty to behold. Their stoic traditions also invoke envy as they gather together to celebrate community.

America is a prosperous nation and holds its own very well on the international stage.

Let’s take a look at three things America is known for:


1. America is Known for its Sports

what do other countries think of americaYou would be hard-pressed to find an American who isn’t passionate about their sport, whether it’s basketball, baseball or football. Paul Smalera of Fortune calls baseball “America’s pastime” – and it most certainly is.


2. America is Famous for its Take-Out

As InterExchange points out, America wouldn’t be quite the same without its appetite for going out to eat or ordering take out. With a food-led economy that allows for affordability, it’s no wonder the novelty of eating out outweighs the effort of cooking.


3. America is Well-Known for its Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a luxury in most parts of the world. But in America, it’s a necessity. The editors of GQ have included air conditioning quite high up on their long list of things America is known for, so you know it’s a novelty to enjoy while you’re there.

Whether it’s hot outside or cold, you know that staying inside will provide you with the ideal temperature, all year round.


What other Countries think of America

Catherine Townsend of the Daily Mail compiled a rich resume of opinions from around the world in her article.

  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia held quite an optimistic view of America. One woman called it “paradise.” She went on to admit that when she thinks of America, she thinks of a land that has great wealth.
  • Columbia: this South American nation also only had bright things to say. People who were asked this question thought of Hollywood and show business when thinking of America.
  • China: the American Dream is a rose-tinted view that many have. People from China admitted that they believed in a close association between America and dreams coming true: “if you have a dream, it can come true.”


How America is Viewed by other Countries

America has earned itself a powerful, dominant position on the world stage. Its politics and economy are common conversation starters that often lead down a road of confusion and pessimism.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Many countries around the world hold a positive view of America.

People from other countries respect America’s ability to continue to progress. They uphold its determination to reach out through their Army and come to the aid of others in times of need.

They forgive the mistakes it makes that are projected through the media to be pulled apart and scrutinized.

The subjective views that other countries have of America ultimately cancel each other out that result in a case-by-case scenario. While some see it as the land of opportunity, others see a struggling economy.

America has a lot to offer the rest of the world and remains a fascinating place to bring up in conversation.

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