Since their establishment in 1962, BUNAC has helped many individuals gain access to work outside their country. This agency offers programs that let you travel outside your country for paid employment, internships, and voluntary jobs. The agency covers you from the day you subscribe to any of its packages to the day you decide you want to come back home. So, you get to work without having to worry about immigration.

What Is BUNAC?

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It's a travel agency which allows you to work abroad in any of the countries their programs cover. There are tons of reasons you should use this agency.

Reasons You Should Use This Agency

Having created a strong name for itself through excellent services, BUNAC is recognized by most federal government immigration agencies. In Great Britain, if you wish to get a work permit that will let you work in any country, you can go through the agency. This shows how much confidence the government has in this agency. Here are more reasons you should consider BUNAC:

Program Reach

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This organization offers excellent programs that are not limited to any country or continent, except Antarctica.

Youth Support

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It provides excellent youth services. They also joined the STA group, the largest youth travel agency.

Great Support and Service

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This company helps you get ready for traveling, and it will guide you step-by-step during the travel process. During your stay in the country, you applied for; they will help you settle issues that would distract you from work. BUNAC provides expert advice on the following:

  • Visas
  • Flight cost and details for the specified country of visit
  • Insurance
  • Bank account setup and activation
  • Accommodation inquiries
  • Social activities

Great Program Perks

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Different services are included in the various programs, but remember, no matter what program you pay for; you get something for free.

Great User Experience

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Unlike most travel agencies, BUNAC tests its services from the customer's point of view. Most of their workers and agents have used this agency in traveling outside their country, and they have attested to how nice it was.

Summer Camp Service

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Did you think this agency only provides programs for work? They're a popular choice for summer camp programs abroad for people who want to go to a summer camp in The United States or a sports coaching service in Great Britain.

Their Programs

  • Career breaks
  • Manual Jobs
  • Gap year programs
  • Summer camps
  • Marine programs
  • Wildlife and conservation programs
  • Hospitality programs
  • Sport coaching programs
  • Volunteering programs
  • University summer break
  • Ski seasons
  • Summer jobs
  • Working vacation packs

BUNAC's History

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BUNAC has been around for 55 years, and they have no intentions of backing out of the travel program niche. Being an authority in the travel agency world, we thought it would be appropriate to provide a summary of this highly respected organization.


BUNAC was established in 1962. It was founded by Christopher Harbour and Martin Truscott, and the agency's full name is the British Universities American Club.


In 1963, this organization chartered its first flight program with a total number of 1530 passengers on board. The cost of the return flight was fifty euros per person.


In 1966, the agency created the Work America program for British students looking to work in the United States. This program was formerly called the Exchange Visitor's program (EVP).


A total of 351 participants embarked on the Summer Camp USA, which was a new program created this year.


The agency was finally able to send people to Canada, and this led to the creation of its Canada Program.


The organization decided it was time to expand their services to students in other countries. It started with Australian, Canadian and New Zealand students as opposed to their traditional UK only students method. Due to the company's acceptance of Australian students, it established a new program that was later named the Work Australia Programme.


By 1992, BUNAC had sent 150,000+ participants to programs around the world. This was a great achievement on their 30 anniversary.


Due to the worldwide recognition of China as one of the best tech producing countries, this agency launched its Tech and Travel China Program.


In 2009, this agency partnered with UKBA as its primary sponsor for the Tier 5 Blue GAE internship program. This lead to the creation of the Intern in Britain program.


A partnership with STA Travel group was established


The agency celebrated her 50th anniversary, with a record of 400,000 total participants.


They launched the Hello Britain program.

Intern Canada began.

Where Can I Go Using BUNAC?

BUNAC is an organization which organizes travel programs for its participants. The process is simple, and they have lots of plans which participants can choose from. With the agency's many programs, you have the opportunity to travel out of your country for either work, internship, voluntary work, summer camp, and a short vacation. Your immigration is covered by this agency, giving you less to worry about. All you need do is to pick and pay for a program.

The agency has programs on all six habitable continents. However, there are specific countries which you can visit in these continents. You can visit the following countries when you subscribe to work or volunteer in through this organization's program.

  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Ecuador
  • India
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • USA
  • Vietnam

BUNAC also upgraded its summer camp program, allowing its members to gain access to their preferred job placements and opportunities. This summer camp program is mostly for Americans who pay for the summer camp program.

Also, there is a new program known as the gap year program, and it allows new high school graduates to have a fun time. This helps them to bridge the gap between high school and college by giving them the experience, and also memories which they will always cherish for life.

The agency will plan an itinerary specific for each participant so they can get the best of their money. With experts stationed in each country, you have nothing to worry about as the cost of living for the time you are staying will have been calculated for you before your arrival. Here is a recap of the three primary services they provide.

Work Abroad Program

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You have the chance of working outside your country, as long as it is in either Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. BUNAC offers you exceptional services in these three countries and an opportunity of making a job search. The duration of stay in these countries for this purpose is a maximum of two years. You can also renew your subscription when it gets expired. The incredible thing about them is that they support even a summer work vacation. So, if you feel like working for a week or two, BUNAC is the place. If you also wish to go for a year or two, then they've got you covered.


An internship is a university program which allows you to use all that you've learned at school in a real-life situation. A good internship will shape your future considerably well, and it can also be a significant part of your resume. BUNAC provides you with top companies and businesses that will readily accept your skills. You can do your internship in China, New Zealand, Vietnam, etc.

You can also get a professional placement in New Zealand for one to six months, or in the United States for 12 months maximum. They are in charge of visa preparation and other requirements you'll need for immigration. Your only task is picking a place.

Voluntary Service

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With BUNAC voluntary service, everybody is a helper. There is an enormous amount of help you can offer others in life, and you can do this through voluntary services. Say bye-bye to the usual neck cutting costs you encounter when you plan to go on volunteering.

This agency has a wide range of highly organized volunteering programs with the most famous ones being in Indian and South Africa.


BUNAC offers an excellent service to its users and participants, giving them long-lasting life memories and experiences. With BUNAC, you get to travel with ease, and the best part is that; they bring the job to you. We recommend using their programs if you are looking for an internship as they have provided their former participants with great opportunities.

Also, the agency helps to make your work and life in your new city nice and enjoyable. With their unique services and well-planned support programs, you'll receive daily updates about the current happenings in the town which you picked. BUNAC offers wonderful services trusted by millions of Americans, Brits, and Canadians. Its programs are unique and even backed by the immigration government. We would recommend you go with their plans if any of your goals match up with the travel programs they offer, or keep an open mind and go somewhere you never thought you'd go!

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